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Backstage at Mariners Church, Part #1

Posted: Tue May 24, 2022 3:34 am
by Roger Roger
I've been visiting Mariners Church on and off for at least a decade and have made some deep friendships there, I am compelled to share some serious grievances that should be taken to heart about this church, its mission and its staff. Do not be misled by the "Disneyland exuberance" of the weekend services. When you look backstage at this church you will find some hard hearts, ungodly agendas, a ton of staff turnover and the broken lives of people who unfortunately trusted Mariners. It is not a church to be trusted and frankly, is not great at building relationships, developing strong well rounded disciples and loving its church body well. They will take what they can get from you then turn their backs on you and show you the door when you are no longer useful.

Yes, they raise enormous amounts of money, have a pretty campus and attract a lot of people, but that does not make them a great church in God's eyes nor does it mean you will become the person God destined you to become under their guidance. Isn't that really the point? To find and secure your heavenly salvation, fall in love with God and then grow into the person God destined you to become?

Waving signs at you isn't life changing relationship and discipling isn't accomplished by forcing folks into 10 week course before they're called by God to be there. Only then to be pushed into serving and joining a small group of random people you don't really know. The arrogance, the pride and the self-interest of the New Testament Sadducees and Pharisees is also alive and well at Mariners. They have no interest in listening to or learning from those they serve nor do they make their church family their first priority. They believe they know it all and will tell you how you feel and what you need. Compliance is mandatory or you're cancelled and asked to leave. Mariners Church - ignoring the needs of your church body grieves the Holy Spirit, stresses the brethren and creates disillusionment in the body. All the people and staff who have left get it, when are you?

1Timothy 5:8 reads, "Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever". They raise tens of millions of dollars to give away all over the world, yet they under staff or no staff important ministries, blow up existing communities of believers and ignore wounded hurting/lonely people in their church family. It's absolutely shameful.

Matthew 22:37-40 tells us that everything in the bible is about relationship! Firstly and most importantly, it is about our relationship with God and secondly our relationship with our fellow man. Everything biblically hangs on this!

1 Corinthians 13 takes this concept further by instructing us that if we do anything (charity, ministry, civic etc.) without an utterly dependent love for God and his instruction as our motivation, we do it for not in God's eyes. It is worthless. If you pursue any work or charity in God's name and you do it without a pure love in your heart and with a personal agenda, you have perverted the faith and it is worthless. Welcome to my experience at Mariners! I'll share more in the next parts.