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Simple Church is a Weapon, Part #3

Posted: Wed May 25, 2022 4:23 am
by Roger Roger
There has been an upswing of wokeism at Mariners Church over the last few years and certainly since Eric Geiger has arrived. This church was solidly conservative just a few years ago and has been trending toward the left ever since. They have tried to hold themselves out as a neutral place; the Switzerland of churches, but that is just a smoke screen as they have actively expanded away from conservative Christian values in staff and philosophy.

It has been widely discussed and reported that Eric Geiger was an early supporter of the now disgraced and bigoted Black Lives Matter (BLM) progressive activist group. It is also reported that he had asked the church staff to lend their support the organization by signing a letter of solidarity. This goes against the official public relations storyline told by Mariners. So it is time that you come clean Mr. Geiger! These are quite simply yes or no questions.

1. Do you now or have you ever supported BLM and did you in any way use your influence or position to further
their cause or ask others to support them?

2. Do you follow Martin Luther King's philosophy and believe all people should be judged on their character and

3. Or do you subscribe to racial profiling and giving one race more advantage or privilege based on their race even if it
is called a hand up?

4. Would you support and show 2000 Mules at Mariners Church?

Does it seem odd to you that the very premise of Simple Church is to remove those programs and people deemed unnecessary from the local church, but who decides that? Oh, yes the benevolent pastor. Move a liberal leaning pastor into a conservative church and watch how Simple Church is used to eliminate conservatives from leadership and staff only to be replaced by the right thinking people. This is right out of the liberal woke playbook of censorship, cancel culture and political retribution. The parallels are just too strong here and given the shift in political tenure at Mariners…the gun is smoking and the carnage too great to ignore.

As we continue our discussion and tell more testimonies of people hurt by and mistreated by Mariners, you'll see how pastors and staff have used Simple Church to unfairly and unbiblically cancel and expel people they deem undesirable, challenging or to strong of truth tellers. Don't be fooled by outward appearances, look to the hearts of your spiritual leaders. Are they humble? Are they servants at heart and point to God and Jesus, not themselves? Do they love and serve their church family well? Are they developing strong disciples and in turn strong Christ centered families? Are they kind and long suffering with folks? This is the church and spiritual pastor you want to find. Good luck finding that person at Mariners Church.